Nomadic Cattle Breeding, Banditry and Insecurity in Nigeria A National Appraisal

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Azuka Ikechukwu Arinze


Nigeria is currently facing serious national challenge occasioned by insecurity which can be traced to many factors. These national malady ranges from Boko haram insurgency, the menace of armed nomadic cattle breeders, otherwise known as herdsmen and the bandits from the northern parts of the country, miscreants from neighboring African countries like Senegal, Mali, Somalia, Niger, Chad, amongst others who were used by Nigerian politicians during previous elections to ensure they win those elections, local ‘almajiris’ who are children and youths of northern descent without a formal education, who litter the streets seeking for alms and other source of assistance from well to do Nigerians. These have led to loss of lives and properties, as well as depression. Critical analysis was employed in the review of the various data gathered using exploratory and descriptive analytical method. The relative deprivation theory was used as the main thrust to anchor this analysis. From the data gathered, solutions on how to tackle and eliminate these forms of insecurity were proffered, which will bring the true national unity and reconciliation in Nigeria.

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