Failed State and the Challenges of Economic Development in Nigeria

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Louisa Ngozi Amaechi


The study investigated failed State and the challenges of economic development in Nigeria. The specific issue is to understand if Nigeria is a failed State judging from the established index of State failure by scholars and looking at its economic development challenges. The study is a documentary research and data were analyzed through qualitative descriptive method. Using Marxist Theory of the State, the paper found that the economic development measured in terms of national income in Nigeria far exceeds human development. This however does not result to State failure. Rather it is a manifestation of weak economic structures resulting in slow economic development. Therefore, we recommend that Nigerian leaders should embrace strong political leadership capable of pursuing viable economic development measures. Such a strong political leadership will also address the issue of corruption which is the root of underdevelopment in the country.

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Louisa Ngozi Amaechi, Federal University of Technology, Owerri

Directorate of General Studies