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Okechukwu Orji
Casmir Chukwuka Mbaegbu


Politics is a struggle of cantending ideological viewpoints for the allocation and distribution of resources. Political parties are at the center of politics as modern democracy is unthinkable in the absence of viable political parties and the interplay of party politics that characterize the polity. This paper therefore examines the role of opposition political parties in political reengineering of Nigerian state and the impact of absence of internal democracy on the electoral performance of the opposition parties in Nigeria. An attempt is also made to analyze the recent merger between the opposition political parties. The study adopts qualitative method of data gathering and uses theory of the post-colonial state. Hence, this paper argues that the opposition parties' inability to offer itself as alternative government in Nigeria today lies in their weak institutionalization and ideology drought, which results in an increasing disconnect between citizens and their elected leaders, and a decline in political activism. We conclude that the opposition parties should as much as possible avoid politics of tribe, religion, region, zone or race and field candidates who are true Nigerians with good track records, that will be marketable to the electorates as well as perform as expected. It recommends that the formation and merger of future opposition political parties should follow a micro natural evolution and patriotic commitment; and that opposition politics in the context of inter party relations in Nigeria needs a total overhaul through proactive and agenda setting governance policy engagement and commitments.

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Orji, O., & Mbaegbu, C. C. (2021). OPPOSITION PARTIES AND DEMOCRATIZATION IN NIGERIA, 2007-2013: A DIAGNOSTIC ASSESSMENT. University of Nigeria Journal of Political Economy, 7(1). Retrieved from https://www.unjpe.com/index.php/UNJPE/article/view/55
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Okechukwu Orji, National Boundary Commission Abuja, Nigeria

Director of Research

Casmir Chukwuka Mbaegbu, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria

Department of Political Science

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